Sermon Series

Worship Preaching Series Name: A Geography of Salvation       

Date Range: December 1 – December 24, 2019

Theme: The path to Bethlehem with landmarks from the book of Isaiah.

Series Overview: The Scriptures that help us prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ are filled with places – holy places, hard places, and the pathways in between.  Together, these places present a “geography of salvation” – a map of the heights and depths our God will go to bring us home.  Throughout the weeks of Advent, we will “visit” some of these sacred places.  Along the way we’ll learn that we can meet God on the mountaintop – but that God also draws near to wherever it is we find ourselves.

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Date Sermon Title Focus Scripture Theme
December 1, 2019 A Pending Invitation Isa.2:1-5 Romans 13:11-14 We await our invitation to celebrate when the house of the Lord is established.
December 8, 2019 A Place of Hope Isa. 11:1-10 Romans 15:4-13 Even in the midst of a broken creation, signs of hope emerge.
December 15, 2019 A Desert in Bloom Isa. 35:1-10 James 5:7-10 Advent isn’t only about God’s movement toward us.  Advent is also about our movement toward God.
December 22, 2019 St. Paul’s Choir Presents “All Is Well” Isaiah 40:1-5 Christmas Cantata
December 24, 2019 A Feast of Light Isa. 9:2-7 Luke 2:1-14 (15-20) Although we still walk in places of darkness, the Christ light shines.