Sermon Series

Pillars of Faith

During the next few weeks the Summer Ending Sermons will examine what it means to have faith, to trust in things not seen, and to focus on the Pillars of Faith. As an inspirational reference Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  This series begins with the Heroes Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11 as an introduction to the “pillars of faith” we can all follow. These heroes and makers of faith will inspire us as we strive to live with such complete trust in God. We learn in Hebrews and in Jesus’ teachings in the Gospel of Luke how faith empowers us to see the unseen, boldly seek God in the face of opposition, and trust God to accomplish things we can only imagine.

What Disciples Do

Date Range: September 8 – November 24, 2019

Theme: Christ’s followers are known not as much by what they believe as what they do.

Series Overview: Although Christians are often identified by what they believe, Jesus seemed more concerned about what his followers did.  Faith practices, as well as theological beliefs, are crucial to Christianity.  These 12 weeks of Ordinary Time offer an opportunity to explore what disciples do.  This series tackles a wide variety of engaging topics and it’s my hope church members will be challenged to live out the exciting call of Jesus, “Follow me.”  Note Anniversary Service (Details incomplete).

Sermon Title Focus
09/08 Disciples Take Faith
Luke 14:
Move beyond
nominal Christianity.
09/15 Disciples Seek People
for Christ and Church
Luke 15:
Evangelize with
09/22 Disciples Resist Greed Luke 16:
Love God more than
09/29 Disciples Practice
1 Timothy 6:6-19 Practice generous
financial stewardship
10/06 Disciples Have Small
Luke 17:
10/13 Disciples Take Their Faith Home 2 Timothy 1:1-14 Pass on faith to our
10/20 TBD TBD Anniversary Service (Bishop Steiner Ball)
11/27 Disciples Don’t Judge Luke 18:
Leave judgment to
11/03 Disciples Affirm
Resurrection Hope –
All Saints Day
Ephesians 1:11-23 Celebrate All Saints’ Day.
11/10 Disciples Live By Faith Job 19:
Practice faith in
difficult times.
11/17 Disciples Know the
Luke 21:
7-8, 25-38
11/24 Disciples Give Ultimate Allegiance to Christ Colossians 1:11-20 Make Christ the center
of everything.